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Web3’s Metagood supports social change? How?

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Social change is necessary, so Metagood launched its first NFT in the digital marketplace. The primary reason for the launch is to motivate people to take part in various events that help with social change. It helps in uplifting the community, such as on climate change.

There are eminent personalities on the Metagood team, such as Danny Yang, CEO, Amanda Terry, COO, and Bill Tai, chairman. They said that the focus of Metagood is to make NFT a good social platform that helps various communities for social change.

Metagood also launched OnChainMonkey (OCM), which is a collection of NFTs.

OCM Genesis

On September 11, 2021, Metagood launched its first NFT collection. We also know it as OCM Genesis. It became the first on-chain profile picture collection (PFP). The 10,000 NFTs from its total collection are set up in loan businesses. It also sets a record for claims made in the first four hours of its launch. Currently, it is available on both Opensea and Niftygateway.

OCM Karma

The award-winning art team of Metagood designed the next-gen NFT OCM karma collection. The art team also does animation work for some amazing Hollywood movies, such as Rio, Ice Age, Ferdinand, and Peanuts.

OCM Desserts

From the OCM Genesis NFT collection, OCM Desserts’ unique collection is used to create the OCM Karma NFT collection. NFT holders of OCM Genesis receive a free-of-cost Dessert NFT. It is a type of ice cream, which means when you burn desserts, it creates new karma. The motive of Metagood is to do well while doing good.

Jupiter Meta

Jupiter Meta also helped with the same idea in NFTs. It has a decent list of NFTs that collaborate with four artists. There are 22 NFTs available in the NFT Marketplace.

There is a need to understand the limitations of connecting NFTs. It is necessary to use innovative ways for social change. It helps to arrange more funds and is used for a good cause, which helps in boosting the digital ecosystem.

There is a lasting impression on the world of NFTs for social causes. It is necessary to make plans so that more people will contribute to craftsmanship and special work. It becomes easy to understand their capabilities and later use them for social causes.

There is less enthusiasm for a physical collection in the arts because of fewer opportunities in business sectors. When we use digital art collections, it helps in both ways. People can also make profits and also contribute to social change. NFTs are bigger than art collections. 

We also used blockchain technology for various business transactions, such as the purchase of property, vehicle purchases, and many more. It is necessary to use these technologies as we use NFTs. Blockchain technology also has many advantages in trading, such as a decentralized ecosystem. After the introduction of cryptocurrency, people shifted to digital arts NFTs. People love these changes and use them to make money and also for social changes.


Many artists, traders, and organizers of the marketplace are engaged in a unique world of NFT. There are new rules of ownership for art pieces in the NFT world that were not available before.

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